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Ferry timetable and online ferry bookings for Elba

How to know the ferry timetable ?

To know the ferry timetable for the island of Elba enter the desired date and route for going and return and click SEARCH; the timetable for the choosen day opens automatically. Elbalink can not be held responsible for time variations of crossings or cancellations of trips.

How to request a free estimate and book ?

Select on the page with the timetable the time/hour you prefer and then click NEXT on the bottom of the page. Enter your personal information and the cost of the ferry will show and you will be able to book your ferry online.

Which are the shipping lines and routes to the Island of Elba ?

The shipping companies with ferries to Elba Island are Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries. The starting point to reach the island of Elba is Piombino Marittima and destinations are Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo. Toremar company serves Portoferraio and Rio Marina, Moby Lines serves Portoferraio and Cavo, Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries serve Portoferraio.

Which route should I choose to reach Elba?

The route with the highest frequency of crossings goes to Portoferraio. During the summer there are about 30 trips per day from dawn to late evening. Since Portoferraio is the most central point on the island, it’s the most convenient crossing for most destinations of the island. It is also the longest crossing (1 hour by all shipping companies, 30 minutes by Corsica Ferries) and the less economic. The crossing for Rio Marina is ideal for those who want to spend holidays on the eastern part of the island, while the new route for Cavo offers lower prices and a shorter travel time (30 minutes) being the nearest port to Piombino, but involves a longer time to travel on the island.

Which is the cost of the ferry to Elba Island ?

The fare varies depending on the shipping company, the line and the moment of the year. To the prices are added taxes and port charges. The most expensive crossings are during the summer season and the weekends We suggest you to always compare the rates of the three Companies. For all companies children aged between 4 and 11 have a reduction on the adult fare. However, they may only travel if accompanied by an adult. Infants aged under 3 travel free, except Blu Navy.

Can I bring a pet on the ferry to Elba Island ?

Pets are only allowed on the external decks of the ship or, where available, in suitable shelters.

How do I calculate the length of the car ?

The overall length of vehicles is considered, inclusive of tow hooks, shafts and the like, and must be expressed in metres. Prices are calculated by vehicle and trailer typology.

How can I pay the ticket for the ferry to Elba Island ?

Payment can be made by credit card online. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Postepay

How can I receive the ticket for the ferry to Elba Island ?

Ticket can be despatched by e-mail or fax to the applicant’s address at no extra cost or be picked up from the Isle of Elba Customer Reception Office on the second floor of the Piombino Harbour Station, one hour before departure.

Can I insure the ferry ticket in case of cancellation ?

For a little supplement, you can purchase an insurance policy which, in case you have to cancel your journey, reimburses the cost of the ticket less a 10% excess charge