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The Map of Elba

The map of the Island of Elba

The island of Elba is part of the Tuscan Archipelago and can be reached in various ways.

Of course if you arrive by car, motorcycle, motor home, or even if you are traveling by bus, having a map of the Island of Elba is important.

Here a plan of Elba where are reported all cities, localities, main roads, secondary roads and unpaved roads.

Attention to the roads of the island, they are quite tortuous because of the morphology of the island’s territory and  some parts are also very narrow.


The map of the island of Elba is courtesy of the Global Map Srl – Florence – Authorization n. 10 of 13/06/2018.

It can be purchased online by connecting to the following page: https://www.globalmap.it/piante-carte-e-atlanti/650-isola-d-elba-9788833030050.html