Mineral Museum of Rio Marina

The park offers a great deal of enticing ways to discover the “land of iron”: trails on foot or by mountain bike in the silent Valle dei Mulini; a trail in the Ginevro underground gallery in Capoliveri, dug into the rocks and without any wood supports; excursions to the open-cast quarries in Rio Marina and Rio Albano. And, to round off the visit, we recommend that you stop off at the Museo dei Minerali e dell’Arte Mineraria minerals and art of mining museum (Rio Marina), and the Museo dei Minerali “Alfeo Ricci” mineral museum (Capoliv-eri) and the Museo Archeologico del Distretto Minerario mining district archaeological museum (Rio nell’Elba) which help you to understand – with collections of minerals, archaeological finds, reconstructions of the original mines, films and photographs – the history of this island: from the Copper Age to the Middle Ages, to the present day.

April, May, June, September and October: 09,30-12,30 / 15,30-18,30

July and August: 09,30-12,30 / 16,30-19,30
Price: Euro 2,50