Car Rental on Elba Island



Where can I hire a car on Elba?

There are numerous car rental companies spread all over the island where you can find the type of vehicle best suited to your needs.


  • Elba by Car
  • Twn Rent


You can find a list of the main car hire centres on  this page.

Why should I hire a car for moving around Elba?

Elba’s geographical configuration and lack of a comprehensive public transport network make hiring a car the best solution for independent travel to explore and enjoy the island’s various beauty spots. It is possible to hire cars, motorbikes, mopeds, and mountain bikes. Hiring a vehicle is the ideal transport solution both for people arriving by ‘plane, and those who wish to save on the cost of the ferry by leaving their cars in the car parks in the port of Piombino.

How can I get a free quote and book a vehicle?

Once you have provided your intended vehicle pick up and return dates, and chosen your preferred vehicle category, you will be supplied with the hire cost, unlimited mileage included. You can add optional features and also take advantage of the free transfer service from the ferry arrival points, or from the place you are staying on the island. Once you have provided the required data you will be able to book online.

The roads

When you hire a car it is important to remember that though the roads on Elba are in good condition, they are also narrow and windy. So please be careful.
It is easy to move around Elba as there are very few roads, making it almost impossible to get lost.

Petrol stations

There are petrol stations all over the island, but take care not to be low on petrol along the western ring road. The petrol pumps at Marciana Marina and Marina di Campo are 32 km apart. There are no petrol stations in Capoliveri or Lacona, the nearest is in Mola.
The car you hire, unless otherwise indicated, will have a full tank (100%) of fuel. The car must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up.


Hiring a car allows you the freedom to discover and admire the wonderful panoramas the Island of Elba has to offer. Along the panoramic roads there are numerous, if small, areas where it is possible to stop and park your hire car.
The towns and villages have various free and pay by the hour car parks (costing from € 0.50 to € 1.00 per hour, depending on the town and the vicinity of the old town centre). Many of the beaches have public pay by the hour parking areas, or private attended car parks which charge by the day or half-day periods.

Speed traps and police controls

There are no fixed speed traps, but the police are present with temporary speed traps, especially during the night. We strongly advise you to respect traffic regulations in order to avoid any infraction that could spoil your holiday.



Advice for when you pick up your hire car

Make sure you have your driving license, identity document, and the printed voucher with the information relative to your hire agreement to show the hire company when you go to pick up your car. You must also have a credit card in the name of the driver in order to leave a cautionary deposit. We recommend that you look over the car thoroughly and point out any damage, scratches or similar before signing the contract.