Pianosa Island

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Tuscan Arcipelago – Pianosa Island

Pianosa, after many years spent in solitude and due to the closing of the famous jail, opened its doors to a certain number of visitors.

Yet the accessible areas are still fairly limited to the outskirts of the docking zone and the village; besides excursions can be went on only with a professional guide.

In the village visitors are welcomed by the particular architectonic style of the Pianosa harbour, would by Ponticelli, one of the first prison governors.

Equally fascinating is the Teglia Fortress, an historic construction dating back to Napoleonic age, from which visitors can go on to the ancient village where a fortified citadel standed.

Going through the remarked path visitors can also enter Cala Giovanna, the beach right next to the built-up area, the only authorised bathing place.

The walk along the beach lets visitors reach the backside of the ruins of Marco Agrippa’s baths; he was confined and then killed in Pianosa to allow Tiberio’s accession.


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