Beach of Norsi

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  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiaggia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba
  • Spiiagia di Norsi - Isola d'Elba


The Beach of Norsi

The Beach of Norsi lies the middle of Golfo Stella, on the southern side of the Island of Elba.

Norsi is a quiet beach, only 400 metres long, and is quite unique thanks to the crystal clear sea, the mild, Mediterranean climate, and the strong perfumes in the surrounding, untouched nature.

The beach is never very busy mainly because the car park behind it is very small, but if you wish you can park beside the grit road. but make sure you park very neatly so as to avoid blocking the traffic in any way and getting a parking fine.

The beach, consisting of small, dark coloured stones and sand mixed with dry Posidonia washed up by the waves is shaped like two arches separated by a dry outcropping, very popular with children.

The crystal clear water goes from turquoise to dark blue, and there are many grottos and clefts in the rocks on either side that you can either go into on a canoe, or swim to with your mask, snorkel and flippers.

It faces south, and although the dark colour of the pebbles means the temperature is very mild in the cooler months, it gets very hot in summer so make sure you don’t forget your sun umbrella.

There is a small bar and a bathing establishment on the beach.

There are two roads that get you to the beach: the first is more suitable for families with small children, the second, where there is also a small car park, starts off from Capo Norsi on the left of the promontory, and the view from here of Golfo Stella and the Island of Montecristo is breathtaking.

The beach is in the Commune of Capoliveri, about 1,4 km after the turning for Lacona on the road from Portoferraio for Porto Azzurro. When you see the signpost on your left follow the grit road down to the beach.


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