Napoleonic Museum of Villa di San Martino

Napoleon baught the little house in the San Martino valley with the money his sister Paolina lended him. His projects were to transform it in his summer residence, but in reality he lived there only once in a while. He preferred going there during the fresher hours of the day in company of some Lady or peasant girl. This little “maison rustique” was renovated and decorated by the painter Revelli.

The building underneath, of neo-classical style was built with golden brown stones from Elba and displays a beautiful fresco alternating napoleonic motives and bees. It was build as a napoleonean museum-gallery by Anatolio Demidoff, one of the most important tuscan collectionists of the 18th. century and unconditional admirer of Napoleon.

Since 1984 the gallery exposes printings concerning Napoleon and temporary historical exhibitions.

Opening hours:
From 1st April to 25th October 2105:
Weekdays 8.30-19.00 (last entry at 18:00 hours)
Public holiday 8.30-13.00 (last entry at 12.00 hours)
Closed: Mondays; 1st January; 1st May; 25th Dicember